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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Now there is the shopWiki!

Sometimes it seems our house is in a constant state of flux. My husband is always renovating something, fixing up something or replacing something. I guess this is just how it is with old houses. The work never ends. I wouldn't trade having an old house though, they have so much character.

The thing I would trade in a heartbeat is old furniture and appliances. Lately, everything seems to be experiencing some sort of malfunction or another so while he spends his time fixing them up, I spend my time online looking for replacements. I found several sites that sell things for your home and garden. I love places that have everything you need in one place! Whether it be accessories or appliances, or gardening implements, it's just nice to see them all in one place.

Right now, what we need most is a new washing machine. Our fifteen year old machine is finally dying on us. Now there was a time when you can just choose the first washing machine that you can afford and be done with it. Now there are so many models and manufacturers to choose from, it can be baffling. Personally, I still like the affordability metric but of course when you start talking features, my husband's ears perk up. You'd think he'd be flying to the moon on this washing machine with all the bells and whistles he'd like to see on one. It's a good thing ShopWiki gives you not only a variety of options but also provides helpful guidelines on what to look for when shopping for a washing machine. Once you've decided, they can also tell you where the particular model you decide on is available. Just move your pointer over the product and a bubble will pop up with names of stores that carry the particular item. Pretty neat, I though!

Now don't think all they have on ShopWiki is appliances. You've got to go and check out the variety of products available, from electronics to pets, you name it.

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