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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Get Smorty, smarty!!

Another cool momma who's also hip turned me on to Smorty. What's smorty you ask? Smorty is another place where you can blog for money. Most people I know have already been blogging for at least a couple of years, so it's about time we started earning some money from this hobby, right? I guess what most of us didn't realize early on is that someone is actually willing to pay for our opinion. Early on, we just thought we were talking to ourselves! LOL!! We didn't realize someone was actually paying attention, huh? Now we know that businesses are actually willing to pay to advertise on blogs. And we've been advertising for free, all this time!

Well, I just found out about Smorty this morning, and look at me! I'm already blogging for smorty! They approved my blog the same day I submitted it, and a few hours later, here I am already blogging for dollars! I can't wait to see how regular their jobs are. I'm excited to see if this is going to be as successfull as the other paid blogging sites.

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