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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Retail Fairy Tale

I remember a time when Sears was THE Store. My step-dad worked there and retired from there. We grew up using Sears products, wearing Sears clothing, hell, we practically lived at the store! But they weren’t THE Store because my step-dad worked there and enjoyed the employee discount on all our purchases; there was actually a time when Sears was THE store where you can get great quality merchandise and excellent customer service.

Remember the lifetime guarantees? If you’ve never heard of a lifetime guarantee, you’re right. No one gives them anymore. Not even the church (But that’s again another subject for later). But there was a time, a long long time ago, when a great department store called Sears Roebuck and Company had so much confidence in the quality of their merchandise that they stood behind them with a lifetime guarantee. I remember when they even had a guarantee on children’s jeans! Whoever heard of a thing like that! They would replace your children’s jeans if they get a hole or the seats wear out or something like that, before they outgrow the jeans. Pretty great huh? My step dad bought all his tools there. Craftsman tools. Because he knew if they ever broke, which they almost never did, Sears would replace them without any questions asked.
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