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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Winter Garden

I finally found some seeds this weekend at Home Depot. My husband wants to plant a winter garden and I have been looking for seeds without much luck. I went to Wal-Mart's garden center and they've already got that whole area filled with Christmas items. Well, it's just a bunch of containers and boxes piled high to the ceiling, but when I asked the attendants what all that stuff was, he said Christmas items! I can't freakin' believe it's almost Christmas again. Wal-Mart just decided they didn't need to sell garden stuff anymore. geez!

Anyway, so we went to Home Depot because Jade needed some bone meal for her science project anyway. It was there that I found some lettuce, greens, and cabbage seeds! Yeah! The husband was a happy camper when we got home. He got busy clearing the old plants and harvesting green tomatoes right away. It was a good thing that he harvested all the green tomatoes last weekend too, cause the freeze we had last night would have just turned them to mush. Yep, that's what happens when fruits get hit with the cold. That, and they turned an ugly black color. Pretty much same as what happens when people get frost bitten. :) I know, morbid comparison.

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