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Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Temporary, but VERY Welcome Relief

I wish I had known about Dentemp OS before now. Dentemps is a temporary dental repair material. I wish I had known that there was such a thing when a bridge came loose on me.

Now if you don't know, a bridge, in reference to teeth, is a device that bridges two rotten teeth together, ergo, a bridge. I had one of those. It's like a permanent denture if you will. Well, one popped off on me one time. I guess it was so old that the cement keeping it in place finally gave way. The procrastinator that I am, and I hate going to the dentist anyway, put off making an appointment with the dentist to put the device back on. I resorted to buying over the counter dental cement which didn't really worked at all. The thing kept popping off every time I ate, and sometimes when I am just talking. I'm surprised I didn't swallow the darn bridge!

But silly me, I just kept putting off going to the dentist until I couldn't stand it anymore. By the way, when you lose a crown, you expose the anchor teeth which have usually been grounded down to get rid of decay. And when those teeth get exposed, it surely means a toothache. A bad one! By the time I got to the dentist, it was too late to put the bridge back. The anchor teeth by this time had moved and gotten chipped and the bridge just didn't fit well anymore. I had to be fitted with a new bridge, which ended up costing me more money!

If you're ever in the situation I was in, don't forget Dentemps. It means temporary dental repair. You can use it to re attach a bridge until you can get to a dentist; and if you've lost a filling, you don't have to suffer through the tooth aches until you can get a dental appointment, you can easily fill the tooth yourself with this temporary repair kit.

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