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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Mist, the movie

I love all books by Stephen King! Especially on cold nights when you have nothing better to do than curl up with a good book, a Stephen King novel is the perfect choice. Several of his books have already made it into the big screen and the latest on is The Mist.

Before I started reading his books though, I was enthralled by movies that I didn't even know were adapted from Stephen King books. Movies like Carrie, The Shining and the Dead Zone come to mind immediately. I still remember going to see those movies as a teen ager. My all time favorites that I can watch over and over again are Misery, Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, in no particular order. I liket them all!

The Mist by Stephen King is the newest installment of books turned into movies. This is about a mysterious mist that traps a group of people in a grocery store including a father and son. Now if you've never lived in cold climes like New England, you're probably thinking what's so scary about a little mist? You can't be trapped by a mist! Well, you can. This is the mist that is ten times worst than your thickest thick-as-pea-soup variety of mist. This being Stephen King, you just have to expect that the interaction between the people trapped inside the store is pivotal in this movie. We find in most of his stories that the worst monsters are those that are inside than the ones outside. It would be interesting to see how this premise is developed in the movie.

I have seen the trailer and it looks scary already. You just have to check it out and put it on your movie list. It will be in the movies on November 21!

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