Our backyard extends beyond the area behind our house, it includes the places we frequent, the places we visit, the places where we live life. This blog is all about the things we find in our backyard and beyond.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Yeahey!!! it's Friday! :) I wonder how many TGIF posts I have? It seems that this has been my war cry of old. I just love Friday! Damn, I hope it's not that I'm burning out at my job. I haven't screamed TGI Monday! since.......... well, never. hehe!

What can I say, I am just a lazy slob. I wore jeans, t-shirt and sneakers to work today because I plan on cleaning up my slovenly office. Well, after I do a bit of blogging first :) Lord, I am never going to make employee of the month. I just know it! **sigh**

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