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Thursday, November 08, 2007

BloggerWave Sinks (I left out the T)

I kind of miffed at BloggerWave. I think I will be washing my hands off them. I first signed up with them a few months ago but they claim their site got hacked and they lost all their user's passwords and personal information. I emailed to ask if they would still pay for the ops that had been completed and were pending at the time. They replied in a rather terse email that of course I will get my money! So fine, I waited. About a month or so later, they sent out an email that they had resolved their hacking problem and are now ready to resume business, just sign up for a new account.

OK, so I decided to give them another try and signed up again. I signed up three of my blogs and took an op on promoting Blogger Wave on all three of them, at $10 a piece. That should have been $30 total coming my way. Well today, I logged on to their site, and guess what, my pending ops were gone! So does that mean I will still get paid for them? They just disappeared into thin air! So maybe they are having problems with their system again.

By the way, they never did pay for the first ops I took before their servers got hacked and that's been way over thirty days ago. I guess I can stop waiting for that payment, and I won't be holding my breath for this second batch either. I think I'm going to take down all the Bloggerwave promos I did. It stinks, I tell ya!

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