Our backyard extends beyond the area behind our house, it includes the places we frequent, the places we visit, the places where we live life. This blog is all about the things we find in our backyard and beyond.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Starting to payoff

Since I started trying to earn some extra cash from blogging, I've seen my PayPal balance start going up. Not by much, mind you, but better than the $20 that's been sitting there forever! So last night, Jade came up to me and said she needed more minutes on her cell phone. I got them pre-paid cell phones rather than going on a traditional plan since the purpose of them having a cell phone is to be able to get in touch with us in case of emergencies and so I can find them when I need to; it's not for chitchatting with their friends. Anyway, long story short, we used the PayPal funds to buy her more minutes!! So cool :D

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