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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The pre-digital age

Whenever we traveled before, during the pre-digital age, we would carry with us our 35mm Canon camera and a bunch of film that we carefully stored in lead lined pouches so that they wouldn't get damaged from x-rays at the airports. Then when we returned from vacation, we would take all the rolls of spent film and take them to be developed. We would then wait another week or so to get the prints back. When you have over thirty rolls of film, it gets a little too expensive to have them all developed in one hour, so we wait.

Wow, it does seem like those days were ages ago! Now all we do is pop in a 2 Gigabyte memory card into our digital cameras and we're good to go, even if we go on a month long vacation. Now I won't profess to be an expert at photography or digital cameras, but I can tell you how much I appreciate the convenience of my little point and shoot digital camera. I keep it in my purse and when I see something interesting I pull it out, point, and shoot! Then when I get back home, I download it and I am sharing it with my friends and family within a few hours. You can't beat that. Everything is digital nowadays. Even the days of photos albums seem like long in the past, now you can display your photos in a digital photo frame. Could you have even imagined?

Now with the convenience of digital cameras, I take pictures of anything and everything that interests me unlike the days when I picked and chose which to take photos of so as not to waste film. Now when a photo is not as I like it, maybe I've cut off the top of someone's head again, I just delete it! No more proof of my idiotic photography skills. Now, I am already yearning for something beyond my point and shoot camera. Maybe it will improve my photography?

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