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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gardens down under

One of the guys I am working with right now is from Perth in Western Australia. I've had a great time talking to him (I just love the accent!) and learning about the city and the country in general. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit and wouldn't it be awesome to live there! For one considered to be a small country and continent, it has a variety of climate zones and natural beauty that is incomprable.

One of the things I helped my co-worker do not too long ago was to look for cheap flights to Australia. His term with our company is coming to an end and he is looking forward to seeing his family again. But he isn't looking forward to paying the outrageous prices the airlines and traditional travel agents are charging. So we have been checking other options online and one of the sites we came across is dialaflight.com. Based in the UK, this site offers many of the options found in other travel sites that offer not only flights but also hotel reservations and travel ideas. To book with dialaflight, you need to speak with one of their consultants who will then ensure that the travel itinerary to the destination of your choice, is just as you want it.

If you're heading down under and are looking great holiday offers, this site may be a good place to start. You may find that you wont need to go anywhere else.

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