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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Walk in the Park

These photos were taken at the Sarah P. Duke Memorial Garden. A great place to go for a walk or a picnic.


toni said...

Wow that's gorgeous! Is it safe to walk around there?

I wish there was a garden like that here in Manila, especially one near work. It would be a refreshing break to walk around that park.

It looks like a great site to try some tai chi moves too.

JMom said...

Hi Toni! Oh definitely safe to walk there. When the weather is nice, students bring their books here to study and end up taking naps under the trees instead, or just sunning on the lawn :)

This garden is within walking distance of the hospital so a lot of employees and patients sometimes walk here on their lunch breaks to de-stress. When the kids and I just want to stretch out and walk somewhere near and pretty, this is where we go. The girls have their favorite nooks in this garden. That's the other great feature of this garden is that they created so many little nooks that you can call your own even if just for a little while. Definitely would be great for tai chi and I wouldn't be surprised if some people don't do that already.

Senor Enrique said...

That is truly a nice garden, and you took very nice pictures!

From the pictures and stories I've heard of North Carolina, Talagang maganda nga diyan. Did you know that I almost got a tech job there?

JMom said...

wow, senor enrique, we were almost neighbors! :) Maganda nga dito, hindi kasing hectic ng mga major cities. You can still find places where you don't hear the buzz of city life.