Our backyard extends beyond the area behind our house, it includes the places we frequent, the places we visit, the places where we live life. This blog is all about the things we find in our backyard and beyond.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Feeding the Ducks


atesienna said...

jeanette.. birdfeeding ata ang activity na hindi ko kayang i-karir. nakita mo naman kung gaano ako ka-afreyd sa mga ibon! hehehehehe

pero nice the place, ha - minus the geese. :)

Omom said...

Hehehe...another thing the GiRl cousins have in common. Mine do the same w/our bread whenever we go to the park :-)

JMom said...

haha!! gigi, grabe talaga yung phobia mo sa birds.

Hey sis, nice way to use up old bread, ha?