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Friday, March 25, 2011

Seeing Brighter Days


The seasons are just flying by! It will be spring again before you know it. At our house, spring is not just the time to spruce up the garden, it's also time to spruce ourselves up. Wake us up from the slow slumber of winter and get revved up for the brighter and warmer days ahead. So it's time for our annual physicals, check ups, and what have you.

Two of my three girls wear glasses and so does my husband. This year, it seems I will be joining them. My husband had to have his prescription refilled so I decided to go with him and have my eyes examined also. Well guess what? I need glasses now too!

So armed with our prescriptions, I decided to go to Zenni Optical again to have them filled. Yes, we've used them before for the girls' eyeglasses and saved a ton! The great thing about it is, our new optometrist does not mind including the pupil distance in the script. It used to be that the optometrist would not include that measurement in there, and only the techs who make your glasses could do it and this also forced you to use their services rather than just ordering stuff online. Well I guess enough of their customers asked for the pupil distance measurement that they just started doing it. I sure do appreciate it.

Zenni has great customer service and they really don't mind walking you through the steps of interpreting the numbers on your script and they used to coach you on how to take the pupillary distance measurement. Thank goodness I don't need to do that anymore! But it was a great service when our old opthalmologist wasn't so cooperative.

If you've ever had to pay for prescription glasses you know how expensive they can get. But try out Zenni Optical next time you need a prescription. They can accomodate pretty much all your needs from bifocals to progressives. The great thing is, their prices are discounted as such that you may only need to pay as little as $6.95 eyeglasses prescription eyeglasses!

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Carolyn said...

Spring season is really a beautiful one.

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