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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Human Touch, only better

I have had a know on my back, just below my shoulder blades, that has been bothering me for days. Some days are worse than others, and sometimes the only way I can get any relief from the pain is to have someone rub it for me and put some ointment on it. Eventually though, these lazy girls in my house get tired of rubbing mommy's back and do a half hearted job that just does nothing for me at all.

Human Touch, the makers of foot massager and other massage products just came out with a zero gravity chair that I think may be beneficial for me. Yeah, I know, zero gravity sounds intense, doesn't it? I made me think it would be catapulting me into space or something high tech like that. Well, it's still high-tech and what it is is it's a massage chair that claims to reverse the adverse effects of gravity on the body. And believe me, at my age, I need all the help I can get against gravity. LOL!

Seriously, this HT 7450 massage chair is supposed to simulate techniques utilized by massage therapists. It is equipped with technology called the Quad Roller System which imitates percussion, rolling, compression and kneading techniques used by professionals. The description on the website claims this chair can work out knots and ease soreness. Does that sound just like the thing I need, or what? This chair sounds really high tech. It is supposed to be able to detect each individual's physique and adjusts its pressure points accordingly. You can program the speed, intensity, location and technique according to your personal preference or need. I sounds perfect!

Now who needs kids to rub your back when you got this chair?

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