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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Frog Prince Goes Digital

We were late comers into the digital camera world. My husband still had notions that you can't beat film when it comes to photography. But, I wanted one for blogging (I wanted to photograph my dishes for the food blog), so I went ahead and bought a point and shoot model that was easy enough for me to figure out; and the rest, as they say is history. I've had my little point and shoot on me everyday since then. I love it 'cause I no longer have to wait for the film to be developed and I don't have to lug that big 35 mm camera around.

Now even the frog prince, the film guy is starting to come around. Out of necessity, because he is building his website, my husband borrowed my point and shoot to photograph his artwork. At first, he still would not admit that you can take pretty decent photos with a digital but now that he has also had a chance to play with his digital images on Photoshop, he is grudgingly admitting that digital cameras CAN take very professional looking photographs.

He is actually talking about getting an SLR so he can take better photos! One of the models he's looked at is the Nikon D3, again, because he's a Nikon man and if he's going digital, he is still sticking to his old brand. I say, better sell more artwork! I love this model, but wow, the price is jaw dropping! But then, just think of the possibilities! What we can do with this camera!

Well, maybe Santa will be ultra good to use this year. You think?

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