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Monday, October 29, 2007

Uptown Saturday Night

My daughter asked not too long ago how come we hadn't gone to Disney World yet when Florida is just a few states down from us. Hmmm, it's true. We seriously need to start thinking about exploring a little farther south of us.

Disney world does not really hold much interest for me. Saint Augustine Ponte Vedra, the oldest city in the nation, is more intriguing for me. It boasts not only beautiful and pristine beaches, it also has a variety of shopping opportunities. There are a number of Events in St. Augustine that are interesting but the event that caught our attention is Uptown Saturday Night.

Uptown Saturday Night occurs on the last Saturday of every month. On this day, galleries, antique stores and unique shops in the uptown San Marco shopping district remain open between five and nine p.m. During this time, artists, live entertainment and refreshments contribute to the festive atmosphere. It is a free event and what better way to get a feel for the pulse of this quaint city? I would love to just walk around and browse the various antique stores and galleries and maybe stumble on a gem. Even parking is free at the Mission of Nombre de Dios. There are two weekends remaining this year; on November 29th and December 27th. Don't forget this is Florida, so the weather will probably still be nice on those dates. A good excuse to get away from the winter weather, if you ask me. Make sure to make it there one one of these Saturdays.

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