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Friday, October 12, 2007

Portable Scanner

My husband is an artists and regularly consults with clients away from his studio. Sometimes something during the transaction will come up that makes him wish he was in his office with his scanner handy. Wouldn't it be great if he had a portable scanner?

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable scanner would be perfect for his needs. It is small enough, it is slightly less than a foot long (11.5 inches), only two inches in width, and weighs in at only 11.8 ounces. Weight is something to consider when you are lugging your laptop, portfolio and whatever else to a meeting. When you get past its cuteness, you will also realize that it is efficient for what it is designed to do. For a small unit, it scans pretty fast at 6 pages per minute. You can use the scanner to fax, email or just scan documents or photos by simply pushing one button. Speaking of photos, you can scan images, or any document for that matter, up to 600 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. That's pretty good for a portable unit. You can make pretty good quality prints from an scanned image at 600 dpi.

The scanner connects to your laptop via a USB interface and comes bundled with DocShell software which enables you to save your scanned images into the following formats: BMP, JPG, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG or TGA. Once saved, you can use your scans in any application you have like the Microsoft Office Suite or Paint, or Photoshop. This scanner and software is also compatible with MicrosoftVista if you've already made the jump.

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