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Friday, October 12, 2007

Looking back...

When I found out about Rachel Corrie's story, I was reminded me of a post I wrote a while back (about three years ago). I started to write about my fears, as a parent, of letting go, then I realized I had written something similar. It was interesting reading back. Here is what I wrote then:

What I got from it is that we really all have to just live life to the fullest, live it like there is no tomorrow, live it so you have no regrets. “Carpe Diem” and all. Easy to say, but we are so conditioned to doing the ‘right thing’ and sometimes the ‘right thing’ is more like a short leash, that Carpe Diem can be an impossibility. We constantly do things that may be right for other people, our parents for instance, it makes them happy but it doesn’t always make us happy or fulfill us. So what do you do? Do you then go about your life living it as you will, without a thought about people that you care about? Isn’t that the very thing that we teach our children, that there are consequences for their actions, and they should first think about how their action would affect others? As parents, we would like to tell our children to flap their wings and fly away, but always, we have in the back of our minds, the fear that they will fly straight into the flame or they can get caught in a powerful jet stream and we never see them again. We want to see them blossom into their own being, but at the same time it would be so hard to let them go. If we knew they were going into harm’s way, would we allow them to go?

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