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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Plan ahead

My sister in law was here this evening and she reminded me just how close the holidays are again. She said she always wished that she would be organized to enough to have all her holiday shopping done by July as you hear other people to have done. I won't even delude myself into thinking that's even a possibility in my life. I would be happy if I didn't have to go out on Christmas Eve for some last minute shopping.

This year though, I think I will aim to be a little more timely by doing some online purchases ahead of time. Promise, if I have to pay premium shipping fees just to get them delivered on time, then I won't order. Instead, I'll try to be more organized and use online coupons, order ahead of time, and only use cash instead of credit.

As of the state of The List today, I already know that I will be checking out coupons for BestBuy. With two teens, you know that electronics and media items are on the list. And in a family of women, you've just gotta expect some fashion items on the list. One of the places I have shopped at before is Overstock.com. They have a great selection of stylish and designer clothing at a fraction of the price, and with online coupons, the savings could be even greater!

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