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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In Our Neighborhood

Click for a larger viewWe live in a very old neighborhood. Most of the homes on our street are still owned by the first owners or at least the family of the first owners, like ours. When my husband's grandparents built this house sometime in the mid 40's, theirs was one of the first houses on the block. Well, there weren't any blocks then either, just a dirt road. They paid to have water and electricity routed to their house. Apparently, back then, when they had the utility lines put in, the first houses had to shoulder most of the cost. Then, as new houses were built and connected to the lines, the owners reimbursed the first people on the block for laying down the utility lines. Interesting, huh? I didn't know that!

Anyway, that is why there are still seniors living on our block who have been here since they first built their houses and established the neighborhood. They are all getting on in age, so they can't work their own gardens anymore. They will all tell you how they used to keep gardens in their backyard. Now, they are more than glad to share the bounty of our garden. It seems there aren't many in the neighborhood anymore who keep a garden.

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