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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are common where in our neghborhood. We have one and our neighbors all have one. We use these sheds to store tools and other implements that you don't want in the house; and they come in varying styles and sizes. I saw an unusual use for these metal buildings on one of my neighbor's yard. He had taken a small shed and turned it for his daughter's playhouse! They had jazzed it up with window boxes, installed a little porch and planted some pretty plants all around it, and it is just adorable! Lucky kid. My girls were jealous.

These steel buildings are popular here because they are affordable, sturdy and easy to build. A homeowner can easily install one of these houses by themselves just by following the easy directions on the website. My husband is getting ready to install one in one of our rental properties. There was a wooden one there, but it has rotted and the roof was leaking so rather than repairing it, he has decided to install one of these steel buildings. It will keep the elements out and hopefully he won't have to go back to do any repairs on it for a while.

Of course, these metal buildings are not just used for backyard sheds like ours, they also have commercial and agricultural applications. I'm sure you've seen metal buildings used for offices or storage places or even airplane hangars. These steel buildings are now also being used in rural settings. There are more metal horse barns and workshops popping up in farms, for instance. Again, it goes back to the ease of installation and cost.

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