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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Carrot Flower

This is the first year that we tried planting carrots. We had never tried to before, even though the girls love them, because we have mostly clay soil which tend to get very hard and not very conducive to growing root vegetables. Our oldest bed is about three years old though and it has gotten pretty well composted and developed a good layer of top soil. So we decided to try our luck and planted some carrots and beets. The beets have been a hit this year and we've had more than our share. The carrots however did not produce as well. The roots were short and stout rather than long but still very sweet tasting and delicious. One revelation I learned from the garden this year is that carrots bloom! Doesn't it have a pretty flower?



Sidney said...

No rabbits in the neighbourhood?

JMom said...

Sure do, sidney. That's why we had to put up a fence around the beds. They don't even bother digging up the carrots, they just eat all the tender greens.

Toni said...

'Tis very pretty indeed!