Our backyard extends beyond the area behind our house, it includes the places we frequent, the places we visit, the places where we live life. This blog is all about the things we find in our backyard and beyond.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Princess and the Frog

There once was a frog who lost his way in the backyard. A princess found him and loved him so much she put him in a jar so she can have him forever.
She tried to take good care of him. She gave him water, fed him, and even read to him.
But he was lonely in his glass bowl. Even though the princess wanted to keep him forever, she wanted him to be happy so she set him free.
Froggy felt bad leaving the princess, and for a while just stayed where he was. He eventually went and found another hiding place, but once in a while he peeps out to look at the princess who loved him so.
The End


Sidney said...

Lovely story !
Beautiful !

Omom said...

Oh that is just too sweet. Looove it! The midgets would be jealous for they'd never get the opportunity to meet their real prince in our backyard :-(